Campaign of Awesomeness

Stormcloud is EVERYTHING

Like literally everything

What a fucking night.

Ok, let me backtrack. We left Arjhan’s dumb cold cave house and headed back down the mountain with prisoners and allies. I made the snow be less like snow. It was glorious.
Not quite as glorious, however, as reaching the bottom of the mountain and seeing GRASS AGAIN. (Oh, in between there we stopped at the other Dragonborn area – the one with ACTUAL houses – and spoke to some elders and stuff. Idk, I kind of tune out when the dragons are talking but I think we did a good thing.) So the grass, right. Amazing. Beautiful. Still cold as fuck, but sooo much better than snow. I grew a bunch of flowers and made a flower crown and it was gorgeous. Father would be proud.
We headed down towards Stormcloud and ran into a lovely Druid woman, Yukura. She accompanied us to Stormcloud and let me tell you – it was very very nice to be in the presence of another Druid. The travelers I’m with are alright, but they just don’t get it. There’s a certain ease when talking to someone of the Druidic arts. Yukura has a way about her that is comforting and vaguely nostalgic. She spoke with Ithilya and Nara and something very strange is up with my fox. I’ve suspected it for a while now, but it’s really starting to become apparent. But I don’t want to dwell on that now, not when there are far better things to write about.
So Stormcloud, right. Incredible. A large gathering of Druid folk, singing, dancing, worshiping, drinking… I’ve been to many Druid Circle Gatherings and this one lived up. It’s been so long, though, so the hype was exponential. I quickly shucked my traveling clothes in favor of my Circle attire. (Had to leave the boots on, though. Too fucking cold.)
The night quickly progressed into a festival of life and nature. I had far too much moonshine, but you know me and the moon….
Anyway. The combination of alcohol and festivities and proximity to truly wonderful people led me to some… unexpected activities. I was intimate with a human woman. My first experience of this sort, ever, in all my 120 years. It was…. fuck. I can barely remember it, if I’m being honest. But I recall enjoying it. The morning was awkward. But I’ll live.

We have two more nights until the full moon and I’m eagerly anticipating them. These people are wonderful and I’m lucky to have found them. I haven’t been this happy in a while.


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