Campaign of Awesomeness

A papoose for Arjahan

The battle now over I went to check on Artiana. It turned out that she was fine and hadn’t moved since Obi had knocked her out again before leaving. I’m no mason doctor but that can’t be good for the old head. Maybe that’s why she was so unfriendly towards me during our conversation. That must be it since otherwise I am a sparkling conversationalist. I then left her to go speak with Gemmeth. I know that she’s a scholar and not in combat but she needed to know what it was like in combat. I let her know that she should learn more combat spells and then walked away. I’m sure she has a great excuse but a lady should be able to defend herself and it doesn’t seem like she know’s weapons so well. Maybe she can learn from Arj how to use his staff even if she doesn’t use spells. We decided as a group that we should at least start tracking the enemies now to try and catch them. We took a hunter from the town with us and he and Arj began speaking out woods things. Elf did not join in but I think he was jsut thrilled to have his wolf/fox signifigant others back. It seems our party is turning in to a zoo. O also before we left Eldon got some family letters. His niece does not write well. I wonder what it’s like having family that isn’t trying to kill you. Probably nice.

About 5 hours in we came to a fucking enormous ravine and began making plans to try and get around it. The first thing we tried was tying a rope around two trees on opposite sides using Arj’s weird hand thing. He then brought up that he was lacking in hands to get across and we tied him to my chest like a baby. While hilarious It was incredibly uncomfortable and it was definately because of this that it took me too long to get across and the rope snapped slamming us into the side of the cavern. My legs still fucking hurt from the stone. Following this we tied all our rope together one on each side going down and used them to get to the bottom. Once we got down everyone started freaking out saying they felt vibrations. I felt nothing at the time but Arj was screaming at me to start climbing so I did. Halfway up this enormous umber hulk smacked me down onto my ass and engaged our group in combat. I never imagined I’d get to fight one of these of the surface and I yelled to the group not to look them in the eye. The fight did not start well as I couldnt hit it at all and Only Arj’s spell landing. Also Ithilia almost died because she is a wolf and it was a huge armored bug. Elf seemed to go a bit crazy from seeing the wolf get whacked because he started running down the ravine away from us. Luckily Arj kept his wits about him and blasted the thing with lightning letting out a roar of triumph which because he’s a lizard was a literal roar. Still takes some getting used to. It had almost killed me though I can still feel how weak I am. I will never get knocked out again though. Not after the last time. I won’t let it happen. O also Arj grew like 10 inches somehow? First he grew older and now taller? Next thing I know I’ll turn around and he’ll be 100 pounds heavier


exuberantfish thedragonswordmaster

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