Aerona Blodwedd

Delwyn's mother, ranger/fighter


5’7", bronze skin and eyes, deep brown hair. Wears a nose ring and Fey Freckles.


Raised in the forests of Arveneth, Aerona was a wild child from a very young age. Strong willed and carefree, she always had a love of nature and athletics. When she was a young woman, Aerona began studying the art of the bow. Archery came as naturally to her as swimming does to a duck. Aerona quickly joined the Sylvan Society, a group of skilled elves who hunt and protect and the village of Ceirios, where Aerona resided. (The Sylvan Society would later become a full blown militia with the outbreak of the Elf Wars.) It wasn’t long before Aerona rose through the ranks, establishing a name for herself as a fierce and skilled ranger.
When she was 180 years of age, Aerona met an elf from a nearby village who had hands as skilled as her own, in a very different way. Enfys stole her heart, and in return, gave her his own. They were married within a year.
A long time passed peacefully; Aerona and Enfys had a child whom they loved and cherished. Aerona took him to the hillsides where she frolicked as a girl and the two gathered flowers for Enfys to weave into crowns and craft into jewelry. She was a respected member of the village and a Silver Moon in the Sylvan Society (a relatively high ranking position, though not a commanding one). Life was idyllic.
Then the Elf Wars broke out and everything went to hell.

Aerona Blodwedd

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