Campaign of Awesomeness

I'm surrounded by idiots who want to kill me

I think they need therapy

I finally found them—the sole adventurers stupid enough to want to investigate the lights! This does seem like a death-bound mission, but at this point, there is no other choice. It has gone to the point that I am willing to sacrifice my life to get one good night’s sleep. I hope the wizard chokes on a furball, that’s how much help he has been to me. Though I would be saddened—-that I would miss watching him choke on pieces of his own friends! Hahahaa. Maybe I should try sneaking furballs into his food if I ever get back from this mess.

Arj- He seems to have some deep trust issues. And I think he is overly racist against rogues and wizards. His relationship to his sister is strained, so I sense some familial issues there. I wonder what is up with him? Verdict: Desperately needs a girlfriend. And some sensitivity training. Maybe I should set him up with someone.

Del- Seems to be very charming. Too charming. I saw how heshe talked to that prisoner. HeShe seemed to largely ignore me. I think we are off to a good start. Seems overly fond of boots. Maybe went barefoot as a child? Verdict: Needs therapy.

Garrick- Also seems overly fond of boots. Oddly fond of ugly prisoner. Seemed vaguely nice. Will try to test this. He is much bigger than he was when he was four. He was kind of annoying when he visited last. I dislike children. Verdict: He is still a little squirt.

Eldon- He seems to have some convincing power over Arj, and has been largely on my side, in comparison to the rest of the group. I wonder what makes him less antagonistic? Don’t ask questions. Don’t ask questions. Verdict: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Prisoner- Man he is ugly. No wonder he joined the clouded eye, they are probably the only people who would interact with him. I kind of want to poke him, but then I remember that no one trusts me. Verdict: Kind of makes me gag. Should I put a wig on him and set him up with Arj?

Woman Arj- At least it’s not genetic. She accepted my scarf!!! Definitely should have played more of a role in Arj’s upbringing. Are they really from the same parents?

Knitting update:
After having gotten rid of the scarf, I think I will start working on knitting some sweaters for the party. They may be useful for if the lights get too hot. Stupid lights. Stupid Stupid zombies. One of them hit me! And I killed the other one. No one made a comment on my extreme cleverness and bravery. I am sorely offended. I wonder if the wizard has ever killed a zombie?
Wizard: 0
Clara: 1


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