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eldon is not ok

Today was…
For the past eight years of my life, I’ve spent all my time training with some of the best people I know to help the world. I’ve studied to try to find what’s right and worked hard towards it. I have never connected to any religion or god, but finding the Four Tenets was like seeing the sun peeking out from behind a cloud. It was like I could sense something beyond my physical limitations, something that transcended the mundane, yet somehow was a part of it. No matter how many times I return to them, I never fail to find new insights.
For years I have followed those who could help me learn more about this path. They have guided me and helped me become a better man than I would have thought myself capable of before I came. I have watched friends grow with me and have seen the good we have done. There haven’t been many absolutes in my life, but I knew I could always count on the Monastery and its teachings.
But now
Now I am unsure
We began exploring Arinhama today, and I noticed I was drawing more than a few ugly looks. Del wrote it off as High Elves being assholes, but I wasn’t sure. Finally, some kid threw a rotten fruit at my head and insulted monks. Not humans, bald people, or me specifically. Monks. Now I understand people not liking the less kind of the monasteries, and certainly some people feel uncomfortable getting help from strangers, but I’ve never been on the receiving end of such hatred from someone who wasn’t trying to kill me. From speaking with the kid and several others around town, I heard of a rumor that monks from the Monastery were fighting the Clouded Eye in a nearby village and burned it to the ground. Not the cultists. The monks.
Even after hearing it from so many, I still had doubts. I spent some extra money to get a magical message to the Monastery asking them about it. I was sure it was some misunderstanding, that the monks were just there to help and maybe things got out of hand. Or at least deny what happened.
They told me that there was more to the story, that they did what was necessary, and that I had to trust them. No denial. No explanation.
I’m lost. I’ve always trusted my teachers implicitly, but what if they’re wrong? How can they justify burning down a village? How does wanton destruction reduce the chaos in the world?! The Founder told me that acting with good intentions is not the same as acting with goodness, but what if I can’t tell the difference? I’ve been thinking back to my first time taking someone’s life. It’s never very far from my memory, but the young man who thought he knew what was best, despite the words of his teachers seems especially relevant now.
I don’t know. For now at least, the plan remains the same: Destroy the Clouded Eye. I want more information before I make any big decisions. I only hope I’m up to the task.

Oh, and I smeared the rotten pear on the little shit’s face. It seemed like the right thing to do.


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