Campaign of Awesomeness

Garrick learns masonry and maybe some empathy

Well that was a strange day and a half. After being ambushed in a basement by Artiana (I need to stop trusting people at first glance). We woke her up from her slumber to talk to her. At least that was what we were originally going to do. Eldon went full on dragon born and began threatening her with a knife to her neck. Apparently he really really really hates the clouded eye. Must be something to do with the elk. We got a lot of information out of her including the key information that a goddamn spell that would create an explosion was in the basement. During this time Eldon knocked her out another 3 or 4 times. Would not be surprised if she was speaking in tongues when she woke up. I threw her inside my pack with her legs sticking out and covered her with a cloak while we worked to sneak her inside the Inn. Eldon decided the best course of action was to babble at the innkeeper until he deemed him sufficiently distracted. The weirdest part was that he wasn’t even drunk yet. Either way it worked and we were able to get her upstairs. We took away her clothes so she couldn’t get away and threw a blanket on her while we proceeded to watch her all night.Well most of us did. Elf wandered off to do what elves do. ( I assume tree humping).

The next day Arj cast two spells on Artiana to make her answer more questions and not escape. I’m not sure why he needed two spells but what do I know about magic? And as Arj made sure to remind us today he does know magic. In any case Delwyn came back with another pet. He seems to really like dog shaped creatures. We used it to send for reinforcements from the stronghold because we found out that her companions were going to blow up the TEMPLE the very next night. After that we went to the basement to scope out what we could see. There was a tiny hole in the wall which we later discoevered had been made by Artiana. I realized that their plan was to blow up the temple from the inns basement so they would not be caught in the blast. It took us a while to reallize this however as none of us were masons and lacked stone experience. Hell the most experience I have with stone is when that asshole would make me set up walls around his tent for no reason. I realized today I may still be traumatized from that. Arj and I went to talk to guards and he slipped up so I began teasing him in front of the guard. After he asked me why I always do that and now I’m beginning to think the slavery may have effected me more then I thought. Is that why I treat everything as a joke? Something to think about. I apologized and will try to refrain from mocking him in public in the future. Either way I am very excited to kill some clouded eyes tomorrow night. I can see the reinforcements coming up the road now and I am sure between all of us we will make a foolproof plan.


exuberantfish thedragonswordmaster

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