Campaign of Awesomeness

Bracers Boots and an Old lady

Arj really hates new people. He left me in charge of the old lady while he went to go and talk to Eldon (presumably about his dislike for old people) She and I started talking though and it turns out I met her when I was little. Or at least saw her, she spent most of her time just ranting at the old wizard my dad made me visit with him. Like I said earlier she wants to help us kill the lights so the more the merrier I say (Arj disagrees).
We then decided to walk back up the mountain with our prisoner in tow. He woke up once I dragged him through some snow banks but then he was mouthy about the MOTFT and Eldon knocked him back out. I suppose he intended to ask him all the questions later but I don’t know why he started talking to him in the first place just to knock him out again. Besides usually we have Arj for that.
We arrived at Girl Arjs workplace and she told us what our magical items do. The bracers are useful but I can’t see us using the ring so I want to go somewhere and sell it and get new things. We also have a scroll none of us can use so maybe sell that too. When we questioned the prisoner I dunno what Eldon did when he hit him but by Odin’s spear he is an unfortunate looking fella. He gave us more information between angrily yelling at Eldon though including that Celrane has bosses and that there are multiple cells of the clouded eye. This might take a big longer then I thought to finish up. Also Eldon and I told Girl Arj all his stories about sleeping in garbage and lady gemmeth chatting. She was highly amused. Arj was not for some reason.
When we awoke the next day we learned we had two ways to get up the mountain which were taking the caves or just going right up. When Arj told us that the hag lady who took his arm was in one of them I was not going in them. My nursemaid used to tell me all kinds of stories about monsters and hags were some of the worst. We voted by majority to travel up the mountain and a few hours in Eldon saw figures in the distance. I knew that only clouded eye and monsters would be up the mountain so I started to charge. The rest of the party disagreed but charged with me. A good thing they did too as the figures turned out to be zombies. We killed them and then it was discovered that these were people Eldon and Elf had ran into before. Elf grabbed the boots off one but I knew they must be magical and argued with Elf over them for a while. Eventually I let Elf take them but now he owes me a magical item favor so it’s worth it. Although I guess if we sell the ring and I buy a magical weapon that counts too? I should have grabbed Dad’s polearm from Kisor before running away when the army got annihilated but I wasn’t going to wait around when the chance to run arose. I wonder if he’s still around somewhere…. Either way I hope we finish up this task soon as despite my wolf pelt it’s fucking freezing up here.


exuberantfish thedragonswordmaster

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