Campaign of Awesomeness

Don't go shovin' Arj through waterfalls. Also his family isn't all missing?

Arj and I had spent an hour and a half trying to find Roseblossoms clans camp. Well he was looking I was following as I don’t have much experience in the wilderness. All of a sudden he completely switched directions. “I think we went the wrong way” is all he said. Of course this meant we needed to erase all the trail markers we left for Elf and Eldon. Man that was a great way to spend two hours but I’m sure what they did was more boring. (I would find out later what they did was not more boring. At the river Arj cast his light man spell and we followed it when it dissapeared. Then he stopped and just waited as I stood there concerned that he was having a crisis (again). Turns out he’d been taking to Rose and that she’d given him directions. We went up to their waterfall where he put his hand through. I saw the opportunity for a classic joke from the camp and shoved him through the waterfall. He smacked his head on the door and fell through. Classic Comedy it was.

I walked through after him and we met Moonlight the leader of the clan who thanked us for helping Roseblossom and agreed to send a message for us. Arj’s thing apparently does not work over great distances which is good to know. Eldon was all stubborn when we reached him but eventually he agreed to come back. Once he and Elf arrived Eldon shared the spoils he’d found as apparently they had run into some knights from the kingdom to the west who killed clouded eye members. Elf however is terrible at looting bodies. Maybe if they had been animals he would have found something. In any case we then went to sleep and set out the next morning for snowbird.

Our journey to snowbird was uneventful but when we got there a lot happened immidietly. Arj spied two smaller dragonborn and ran up to speak to them. The guards wouldn’t let them in the gate and despite Arj’s “skill” at persuasion they stood firm. I suggested they bring the person who was in charge and Arj began speaking to the while one and the nervous gold one. After much growling I very politely requested they speak common and they switched tongues. All of a sudden Arj cast a spell on the white one and dragged him off to speak with him. They began growling again and then both of them started crying? Hopefully Arj shares what that was all about.


exuberantfish thedragonswordmaster

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