Ressana Shestendeliath

Arjhan's eldest sister.


The firstborn child in Arjhan’s family, Ressana showed great magical potential from a very young age. After many years of training she was appointed to the Council of Sorcerers amongst the dragonborn clans on Verthicha.

Arjhan’s struggle with his wild magic and self-imposed exile from the clans affected Ressana greatly. She wished more than anything to be able to help her little brother. She began studying magical crafting in addition to sorcery, in vague hopes she could make an artificial limb for Arj, or something that could control his magic or regrow his arm. She soon realized the enormity of these projects, and that it was unlikely she would ever achieve her goal, but continued her studies nonetheless. The dragonborn clans are disdainful of Ressana’s hobby, as they are of all arcane magics, but they cannot deny the usefulness of the potions and magical devices that she makes.


Ressana Shestendeliath

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