Loric sil Covirian

The young king of Arveneth.


The twenty-sixth monarch of the sil Covirian line, King Loric ascended the throne after the death of his mother some five years back. He is most famous not for his still-young reign, but rather the adventuring days of his youth, during which he traveled the continent and fought the forces of evil. As is tradition amongst the royal family, Loric was raised to be a paladin of Veneth, the patron goddess of the kingdom. The strength granted by this divine bond served him well throughout his travels and continues to serve him on the throne.

His greatest adventure was his slaying of Sygmere, an adult red dragon terrorizing a village in Northern Arveneth. Years later, many a song and story is still told about that event.

King Loric is beloved by his people as a hero and a champion of good, and has a reputation as a just, kindhearted, and charming ruler.


Loric sil Covirian

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