Jagan the Tall

A huge cloud giant. Wears multiple necklaces and bracelets on his body. Wears very ostentatious clothes.


Age: Unknown
Height: 22 feet
Race: Cloud Giant
Relationship to Garrick: Enslaver/father killer
Jagan had always been tall for a cloud giant, even rivaling a storm giant in terms of height. Eventually he climbed down from his families castle and left to seek his fortune. Eventually he drew a mighty robber band around himself in the service of Memnor vowing to bring treasure and make his name known. He disguised himself as a stone giant as a further prank to Memnor. He is furious that he will never be higher then a storm giant in the Ordning but his goal is to become the highest rated cloud giant. If he truly got his way he would kill all the storm giants so his rank in the Ordning would rise. Garrick always thought he was a stone giant as he never studied very hard but Kal eventually explained to Garrick that the person who had enslaved him was not and the reason Garrick was punched every time he referred to him as a stone giant was because he was not. He fled when his army was destroyed by Perechor and has not been seen since. Garrick would like to murder him at the soonest possible time, he is one of two people Garrick would drop everything to hunt down.


Jagan the Tall

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