Fraezadi the Trickster

A smallish copper wyrmling with huge copper eyes. Friendly but with enough mischief for a creature ten times her size


Age: Nearing young adulthood
Height: 5’5 and about 5 feet long
Race: Copper Dragon
Relationship to Garrick: Friend/Prankster
Shortly after Garrick ran away from the Giants armys crushing defeat outside Perechor he found himself in a fairly large desert. Having no tracking experience whatsoever he would have died if he hadn’t run into Fraezadi. He was introduced to the dragon when he awoke to find his beard and hair completely shaved off and something written in a language he didn’t understand on his forehead. He was very confused until he followed the muffled laughter to a cave which housed a dragon who was laughing her ass off. Introducing herself as Fraezadi the trickster she explained that Garrick was in her territory and as such it was her right to prank him as much as she wanted. Garrick agreed that it was only fair and they soon started a riddle/joke contest. Garrick let the dragon win as that was one of the rules his father drilled into him but he knew enough jokes that the dragon agreed to let him stay a few days and to share what she caught with him. The few days turned into three months as Garrick slowly worked himself back into fighting shape from slavery. Fraezadi was very curious to watch Garrick work through his forms and when she asked he explained how he had been trained to wield his halberd as a part of his arm. She listened silently and flew off for a few days returning with a blood crusted halberd. Garrick left a few days later after mutual agreement that he needed to get back to civilization though they promised to stay friends. Garrick still uses the Halberd she gave him to this day and it is one of his most treasured possesions.


Fraezadi the Trickster

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