Delwyn Blodwedd

Wood Elf and Druid. Tall, slender, androgynous. Beautiful and dangerous.


Palest green (almost white) skin, silver-white hair, silver-green eyes.
6’ tall
Slender build
Androgynous and genderqueer. All pronouns are acceptable, so long as you aren’t asking stupid and intrusive questions.
Actual literal flower child


(Written with male pronouns to avoid confusion)

Born to two Wood Elves in the deep forests of Arveneth, Delwyn was unusual from the start. Fairer than most Wood Elves, and with silver hair, Delwyn more closely resembled a High Elf than those of his own race. Some were incredulous of Delwyn’s mother (how did two jade-colored Elves birth such a fair child? Infidelity perhaps?) Though physical abnormalities were not impossible, merely unlikely.
Delwyn’s looks would serve him well in the future, however. At age 7, the Elf War – what had once been small acts of bigotry turned full-scale massacre – reached the edges of his village. In an attempt to keep their child safe through the ugliness, Delwyn’s parents sent him to be taken care of by a close family friend. Bryn, a half Elf, would be overlooked by the High Elves and dismissed as human, thereby making him the safest choice for Delwyn’s guardian. Delwyn’s unusual coloring would conceal him from High Elves, as he could easily be mistaken as one of their own. The plan seemed perfect.
Praying that they would one day be reunited, Delwyn’s parents said their goodbyes and prepared to fight.
For decades Delwyn lived with Bryn in a secluded and heavily concealed cave within the Darkmoss Forest. There he taught Delwyn to hunt, to gather food, to cook, to survive. As a gift for his 15th birthday, Delwyn received his shortbow.
Seeing how connected Delwyn was with the forest, Bryn, a druid, decided to become more than a guardian; he would become a mentor, and teach his then-30 year old ward the art of Druidry. Delwyn, however, was still emotionally and mentally unfit to practice such a craft. He was filled with anger; anger towards the High Elves, anger towards his parents, and angry at his own isolation. Bryn knew he needed to first teach his Elf how to meditate and become one with nature and its elements before they would be able to proceed with any magic. He taught him art and music and how to listen to the world and its whisperings. It wasn’t until Delwyn was in his 80’s that Bryn saw the beginnings of change.
Bryn wished he could have taught Delwyn all he knew. Sadly, at the age of 167, when Delwyn was no more than 115, Bryn was laid to rest. Delwyn set up a pyre on the banks of the Goldensun Bay and said goodbye to his mentor and guardian.
A few more years passed before Delwyn realized that there was nothing keeping him secluded in the heart of the forest. As such, he set off to explore the land, hoping to gain a sense of worldliness, an increased understanding of magic and Druidry, and, maybe, to make a friend.


Likes, Dislikes, Etc. –
Likes: flowers, animals, humans, peanut butter, butterflies, fruit, dusk, jewelry, solitude, trees
Dislikes: brambles, dawn, open spaces, spiders, spiderwebs, mud, stupidity
Fears: other Elves, crowds, betrayal, emotions getting in the way of action
Hobbies: panflute, hunting, using Druidcraft to make flowers and lights

Odds & Ends –
Unsure whether or not their parents are dead
Inherently distrusting of most creatures (but slightly more friendly with humans because of Bryn)
Lacks awareness of certain Elven customs and quirks as a result of being raised away from an Elven village
Learned to keep their anger buried but it bubbles out as sarcasm and sass
Needs to meditate often to remain in touch with nature’s balance
Looks like an adult and fights like an adult and talks like an adult but is really still a petulant child deep down
Very curious, very easily excited by new things (though demeanor may remain relatively blase), very interested in power
The more flowers they wear, the happier they are

Delwyn Blodwedd

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