Campaign of Awesomeness

Wolves and Goblins and Pixies - oh my!

I’m starting to become more comfortable with this group.

After defeating the goblin hoard and bug bear (so hideous, all of them), we questioned our goblin hostage. He provided us with some information and when we assessed that he had outlived his usefulness, I stabbed him in the stomach. It was a necessary move and I refuse to let anyone convince me otherwise. My only regret is losing Roseblossom’s full trust and affection, but I’m hoping I can rebuild that.
We then retuned to the goblin-infested pixie camp. (I got caught in a net on the way in and it was the most embarrassing experience of my 120 years, but that’s irrelevant.) We were quite successful in overthrowing the goblin tyrants, thanks to a combination spell attack between myself and the dragon man. He’s starting to look like a useful ally. I was able to use Wild Shape for the first time, an ability Bryn told me lots about during my Druid training. I really miss him sometimes. He was the only one who truly understood me. I wonder if my parents…… nevermind. Irrelevant. No use in waxing poetic about those who are probably long dead.
What was I saying? Ah, right. Wild Shape. I became a Dire Wolf, and the power surge was like nothing I’d ever felt before. All of my physical abilities were amplified. I was also able to communicate with the wolves that those monstrous goblins kept tied up. One of them broke free and was killed, but I managed to convince the other one to join us on our journey. She will be another great ally, I believe. I’ve always wanted an animal companion. Bryn was always getting animals to trust us and keep us company, and I’ve spoken with a few before, but being able to truly communicate with one like that… it was incredible. Animal form feels so much more real than simply using a spell to mimic the ability. I’m going to enjoy this new power immensely.
Oh, also I saved all the pixies, single handedly, they are all now in my debt, forever.
But anyway.
I’m looking forward to the days ahead for the first time since Bryn’s death. Let’s hope I’m not wrong.


exuberantfish Faeriemagick

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