Campaign of Awesomeness

That time running away kind of worked?

I hate taking the late shift. If I was still in Phog Tine’ I would never give the same person the late shift every night for a week. Regardless of that my partners for tonight’s watch were pretty strange. Three of them refused to give me their names, So for now they are elf, one arm and horns and the other was my old drinking buddy Eldon. Man I have not seen that guy in forever. He seemed well and was more then willing to try and make small talk while we walked around the camp.
On our third pass we heard a scream coming from the woods. One arm ran after it and I sensing an opportunity to hone my skills followed. He cast some kind of spell that made a glowing light figure run ahead of us so that I could see. Eventually we saw a pixie cowering in the bush. She asked us to help her but before she could say anything else we saw a goblin. One arm tried to yell at it and shoot it with a crossbow. Both failed miserably. Then after I had decapitated it in one swipe he began yelling at me about “leaving it alive to question” as if he didn’t just try to shoot it in the face. I chose to ignore him and we asked the pixie what was the matter. She said goblins had invaded her relatives camp. One arm was very concerned with her safety but I knew we needed to let the Dame know what was happening.
We returned to the camp and told Eldon, Horns and Elf what had happened. Elf said he? she? would go with me to inform the Dame. I’;m not sure why since she didn’t know the story either but One arm stayed to tell the others what had happened.
Eventually I made it to the Dame and told her what happened. Otir told me that we should wait until tomorrow to go invade a goblin camp and he’s definitely right. I returned to tell my fellows guards that if we wanted to help we should set out tomorrow and elf reminded me and everyone that the Dame had promised us supplies. We all then returned to our barracks to sleep except the Elf and Roseblossom (the pixie) who chose to sleep outside? I will never understand elves. (Side note as were walking up I swear I heard horns say something about burning down a castle? Look into later. Also she thrashed me at dragons chess. Need a rematch)
The next day we were off after a brief stop at the wizards for some potions. i wanted all the front line fighters to have them since we only had three but ol’ one arm insisted on getting one. I don’t think hes used to working with a group but I would never stand between something that might bite me and what it wants.
While walking Horns filled me in about a little more of her past. (Also her name is also either princess or Obi) Apparently she accidentally burned down her castle? I don’t know how that could be an accident but she seemed pretty sincere. We also found out we are both nobility so now we can make fun of the commoners together. Nothing happened until Roseblossom told us she heard voices ahead. When we went up to see what it was once again One arm started talking and then we were involved in a fight! I should say Arj because he told me his name on the walk but Arj is short for a very long dragon name and in my head he will always be One Arm.
One of them was a high elf and our elf went into a little bit of a fit as she? he? shot it once and then ran off to hide in the trees? The other two were humans and all seemed to be able to cast things so it was a pretty tough fight. I killed the high elf after he shocked me and then tried to climb up a cliff by jumping. It went incredibly poorly. We killed one and took the other one prisoner. We got a bit of information out of him something about an all seeing lady and living on a mountain with those weird lights? We wont be getting anymore information out of him as Arj took it upon himself to slit the guys throat. He then began crying. I guess he’d never killed anything by hand before?(haha hand he only has one. I shouldn’t mock since he said it was a sad story but after the running I feel entitled to my jokes)
As we got closer to the Goblin camp we noticed a variety of traps. We ruined one and then Eldon decided we should all be sneaky. I never do sneaky. I go clank clank clank and am a huge person but no one listens to me. Sigh, long story short we attracted a small patrol of goblins and killed them. Once we did that we walked a bit more until elf and I saw a ton of goblins just lounging around. Eldon and I returned so we could cover the trap and hide goblin bodies. Roseblossom went to scout and the others we assumed could hide.I thought they would be ok without us. I could not have been more wrong.
As we were walking back discussing our favorite jam flavors we heard a horn blow. Breaking into a run we watched as Arj and Elf ran past us and saw Horns was unconscious between two goblins. Eldon slapped one and I skewered one before bashing the other over the head. I then picked up Horns and me and Eldon began to run. Glancing behind us we saw that the goblins were riding wolves and knowing they would catch us decided to turn and fight.
Eldon gave horns a potion and I skewered a wolf with a spear. Then it entered my range so I rammed it with my halberd. It almost hurts being this good. Eldon killed the goblin and Obi smacked the wolf. We started doing pretty well and what do you know that’s when Arj and Elf decided to come back and help. We engaged in pitched combat with a bugbear and two more goblins. Luckily emerging victorious when Roseblossom returned to turn a goblin into a frog and Horns did some kind of cool move with her sword and cut the bug bears head off. I’m not sure how I feel about the people who left Horns but maybe they’ll prove themselves at the goblin camp. Or maybe spell casters just like running away. Also I still dont know elfs name. I should find out at some point


exuberantfish thedragonswordmaster

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