Campaign of Awesomeness

Punching Our Way to Enlightenment

When investigation fails, try interrogation!

Today I went to speak to the refugees from the mountains. I was excited to do some actual monk work that didn’t involve just beating people up (not that I’m opposed to that, but I mainly came here for answers). Garrick, Obi, and Del came with me while Arj went to talk to the priest some more. He wanted to find out some more about the faith of Nenura, which I thought was a good idea. Most of what I’ve been hearing has been about the Clouded Eye and I want to know more about the actual religion. There’s been a lot of hatred towards them and it’s starting to get on my nerves. I may have to start meditating a little extra each day. Our group has already killed two unarmed, bound combatants and I’d like to avoid killing a third out of anger.

We asked around and found out that three people recently came to town. The first we went to was a girl named Artianna who was helping fix a roof somewhere. We made our way over and Garrick suggested I take the lead. I guess for some reason he felt a short, bald monk would easier to talk to than a large, heavily armed man, a somewhat less armed, grumpy elf, or a tiefling. We spoke to her and found out she had fled her farm after the Clouded Eye attacked and killed her family. She said they didn’t seem to be targeting them, but more like they were just coming down the mountain and attacked on a whim. She was also familiar with the magic fear that we had heard about. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much more information than we already had.

We then visited the other two refugees. One was working as a farmer after his shop was burned down by the Clouded Eye. The other was a girl named Vessa working in her aunt and uncle’s house. She spoke about how her father went out into the night to fight off the Clouded Eye when they attacked. I asked if he was a fighter and she said no, he just wanted to help. One thing Master Meilil often told us to do while traveling is to look for how the Tenets are shown by ordinary people. She said it was important to remember that while we study the Tenets a lot, they aren’t ours alone and are meant for everyone. Hearing about Vessa’s father was inspiring, and knowing that he died protecting his family from the Clouded Eye is making me even more determined to take them down.

I guess I wasn’t the only one wanting to get some answers, because we decided to keep watch that night and look for whoever was making the Clouded Eye graffiti in town and see what they knew. We went to the roof of the inn. The guy at the desk also said that a man came to town for a few days and visited Artianna recently, who apparently knew him. The inn guy seemed a little put off about that. I think he might have a little bit of a crush.

Arj had given us some more insight into the religion of Nenura and Delwyn thought to transform into an elk, one of her symbols, which I thought it was a pretty good idea. I also told Arj and Del that they were under no circumstances to kill any prisoner we captured. Part of that was my general aversion to killing unnecessarily, but frankly, part is just because we really need answers and anyone we capture is our best bet. I love our group, but we’re not the best at investigating.

Arj needed to rest in order to be able to use some of his more powerful spells, so long story short, we all sat on the roof while Arj slept in garbage behind the inn. We tied a rope to the back of the roof for quick descent and started keeping watch in shifts.

After a bit, Obi caught sight of a torch in the distance and she, Garrick, and I went to check it out. I was a little excited and fell, but Garrick caught me (glad Master Alvyn wasn’t here; I don’t need more people hearing the nickname Stumbleduck). Del had cast a spell on all of us to make it easier to sneak around. Well, most of us. Turns out Arj did such a good job hiding in garbage that Del couldn’t find him.

Obi, Garrick, and I lost track of the torch after it went out. Turns out we’re not so hot at sneaking or tracking. We’ll work on it. We eventually tracked the person back to the temple. They seemed to be sneaking about, which supported our theory that they were up to no good. Somehow, we lost them again at the temple and we got Del down from the roof. I woke up Arj, who quite reasonably proceeded to electrocute me, hurting me slightly. I managed to resist cracking him over the head with my quarterstaff and resolved to be more careful waking him in the future.

After failing to find the figure around the temple, Arj suggested breaking in and looking around. I was apprehensive about breaking in and wasn’t very convinced by his “it’s okay I’m friends with the priest” argument. I’m not sure Arj understands how “friends” work. Still, he’s probably right so I went along. Plus, it’s not like it would be the first time I’d been caught breaking into a temple. And I wasn’t even drunk this time!

Inside we found a storage room, a bedroom (no one woke up, thankfully), and a creepy staircase. We went downstairs and found a long, dark hallway. We walked down when all of a sudden, Garrick was hit by a crossbow bolt. He’s a big guy and took it well, then moved in to attack. It was Artianna! What?! Now I want answers even more! But first, fighting.

She shot at me, missing twice. Probably a good thing, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to test out that whole arrow catching thing they taught us at the monastery. Maybe next time. Del entangled Artianna at which point it became evident that the two statues behind her were not statues but rather gargoyles. Shit. Arj did a shiny thing with that giant diamond he insisted on buying that did a whole bunch of damage to the gargoyles. I guess it was a good purchase after all.

I then moved in and hit Artianna three times, knocking her out. Master Alvyn would have been proud, although I forgot to disrupt her ki. I’ll try to remember next time. A gargoyle then knocked me out, so I missed the rest of the battle. After I was healed and woken up, I’m told that Del was knocked out right after me and Obi, Garrick, and Arj finished off the gargoyles. Then Arj used a healing potion on Del, then she healed both me and Arj. I agree with Garrick that we should probably pool together some money for healing potions.

All in all, I think we did pretty well. We’re getting better at working together as a team. Now we have a prisoner who is probably a member of the Clouded Eye. Now maybe we’ll get some damn answers. And a drink. Maybe drink first.


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