Campaign of Awesomeness

Obi's dad is a babe

Well that was a weird fucking day. I saw the dust from the horse’s hooves from a mile or two away. It seemed that our reinforcements had finally arrived. Led by Gemmeth (but really Thoben I think she was there so they wouldnt get lost), they seemed like they would be ok at what they did. (it turned out they were) Arj led Gemmeth to the inn’s basement to show her the rune while I began showing the soldiers the best places to meet the Clouded Eye in town. While I was doing this however Arj came up to me and requested I open the door in the basement. I gladly agreed without even a comment. See? Empathy. I opened the door for them and Gemmeth went in to to turn off the rune (Phrasing is mine). However when we walked back up We heard fighting otuside and someone ran into the church. Eldon ran over and punched them a few times followed by my skewering them. (His reflexes are on point he always seems first to the action). After that I took a step back to create the bottleneck of them charging me. They would learn how the Garrickson’s took over Phog Tine’. We killed a few more cult members while Gemmeth cowered in the corner and Zarasiyad cured a few of us. At one point Arj cast a spell and then exploded with black light and let me tell you that fucking hurts. I hope that won’t be a consistent thing with him. I get hit enough without him trying to blow me up too. It seemed like we had the upperhand when all of a sudden 5 archers ran through the back of the church.
We charged them and in doing so freed up the door which is when that asshole Celrayn came in. He cast a spell that wrecked me again. It was a bad magic day for Garrick. It seemed like all was lost when there was a smell of brimstone and a man appeared out of nowhere. I’ve never thought about men being beautiful but by Odin this guy met that criteria. I can barely remember what he looked like only that he was GORGEOUS. Turns out he was Obi’s dad here from down below to take her and train her. O also He ordered the clouded eye to leave (spells again?) and they left. Then Obi agreed to go with him and they left too. It would appear our little group just got smaller but maybe she’ll come back with cool hellish powers that can also hit me when I least expect it.


exuberantfish thedragonswordmaster

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