Campaign of Awesomeness

Northwest is a Smelly Place

We ended up staying at an inn for which Arj used his spell to avoid paying. Me and Del shared a room. Also, we all played games (darts and chess) and nothing dangerous AT ALL took place, which I know because I did a spell or a perception check or something. Arj wooed lots of people with his storytelling and everybody drank while me and Del played chess. I think she beat me, and then she played a stranger and (I think) beat her. I have no idea (in-character) of what the barkeep was telling everybody else because me and Del were busy, and then everybody went to sleep. Next day we asked around town if anyone needed help and EVERYBODY brushed us off. They were dirty and gross anyway – good riddance. We traveled towards the nearest town to the northwest after Eldon had to figure out if “mommy said he could go” – he’s the only one tied to a mission. In the end, it was fine. On our way, me and Arj were talking in Infernal and he started having an existential crisis and then switched to Common so he could explain to everyone that his family was missing and they may or may not have something to do with the lights, and if so, he’s afraid to travel up the mountain because he doesn’t know what the other dragonborn will do to him. Man, this guy has more reasons than ME to be paranoid. And I made my palace explode – that’s plenty of guilt right there.

He wanted to go south, but it WA s clear to everyone in the party that north is where we must go if we hope to find an answer to the lights. We continued towards town, and on the way we failed completely at stealth AGAIN. There were these horrid flesh-rotted monsters, one of them stabbed me and it hurt horribly. We defeated them because we now have some great magic at our fingertips. Sleep really does do wonders for the old magic mind :D

When we got to town, people seemed reasonably wary of us. We smelled awful. They made us leave our weapons at the door. I thought to sleep outside, but prudence took faster hold on me than I care to admit. The next day we still were unsure of how to proceed


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